About 7:45pm Friday April 3, 2015, I was driving into Allegan on M-222.

The video shows a woman driving North on Eastern Ave. She blows thru the stop sign without even slowing down.

In the video you can see my truck start to turn just before she hits me. You can also hear my tires squeal as I hit the brakes.

I was unharmed beyond some air bag rash. I put my truck in park and shut off the engine. I was able to climb out of my truck via the passenger door and go check on her. She was complaining of chest pains.

I called 911 and reported the accident.

Police response time was less than 90 seconds. Kudos to the Allegan City Police Department. Fire/rescue was about 3 min later.

Fire department could have been more considerate. Not everybody has lots of money. I understand their wish to disconnect everything, but there was no need to try to pry my hood up when using the hood release unlatched it. Cutting battery cables is also unneeded. I was able to stop this and disconnect it myself.

All in all, the response was good.

She was transported to the hospital. Last that I do not know her status.

I am quite annoyed with this woman. Over the last couple years, I had completely rebuilt this truck mechanically. The rough body work was done and it was planned to go for fit, finish and paint in June. No more.

In Michigan, we have so called 'No Fault' insurance. For medical coverage and such this is good. For accident damage, it is not. I will get $1000 from her insurance company for my damages, even though the crash was 100% her fault. Why didn't I have collision on my truck?

Because you can't get collision coverage on a 20 year old vehicle.

I did manage to replace my truck Saturday afternoon with the same model and year, differing only in engine size and premium sound for about $2500

But I am still out $1500 cash and a day. Not to mention the labor, parts, time and money of my rebuild.

One last thing.

I bought my dash cam on Amazon before I drove down and into Mexico last February. Best $100 I ever spent. Clips on the mirror, plugs into your cig lighter socket. Turns on with your key and off 30 seconds after you shut down. Records in 1920x1080p at 10FPS.

Stay safe.